The East Anglia Geographic DNA Project is for anyone whose paternal (Y-DNA) and/or maternal (mtDNA) ancestry traces to the eastern region of England known as East Anglia. For the purposes of this project East Anglia is defined by its historical boundaries (Ref. Wikipedia East Anglia), which include the counties of Suffolk (SFK), Norfolk (NFK) and Cambridgeshire (CAM); plus northern Essex (ESS) and southeast Lincolnshire (LIN).

The project  is an entirely voluntary effort which is administered and organised in people's spare time.  The data for the project comes from the project members, who have had their DNA tested for the purposes of genetic genealogy and who volunteer their results for collective analysis.  In gathering the results of people whose ancestors are linked to the East Anglian region, it is hoped that underlying connections may be revealed and that this will help inform us about migrations of peoples, evolution of family names and resolve so-called NPEs.  The use of Y-DNA and mtDNA mean that the analysis can reach back many hundreds of years, often well beyond the reach of documented lineages. The most significant period for analysis  is likely to be after the widespread adoption of surnames as these give us "tags" which can be correlated to Y-DNA and location.

The project is currently in transition between administrators having been originally created and successfully managed by David Weston. More content is to come and some colour and images will be added too :-)

The preferred DNA testing company is FTDNA and the raw data for this project can be found on the FTDNA website.