Why East Anglia ?

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So what is so special about East Anglia that it deserves its own geographic DNA project ? 

First consider its location and topography. It is located on the North Sea and with a myriad of rivers and estuaries it affords easy landing to boats from the Continent or Scandinavia.

 The region has historically been a gateway into Britain for peoples migrating from the continent, coming as migrants or invaders. It was that part of this island that connected to Doggerland - the land bridge to the continent - and which persisted for thousands of years after the last Ice Age. Its rivers and estuaries afforded easy access to boatmen. The fenland, once drained, became excellent agricultural land and it was very much the bread basket of England.


  •  14000 - 6500 BCE - Dogglerland links Britain to the European continent
  • 100 BCE - Iceni tribe inhabit region approximating Norfolk.
  • 43 - Romans arrive and subdue Iceni.
  • 61 - Major Iceni rebellion loses to Romans.
  • 410 - End of Roman Empire in Britain. 
  • 450 - Early settlement by the Anglo-Saxons.
  • 520 -  Kingdom of the East Angles established.
  • 616 -  East Anglia is the dominant Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England.
  • 700 - Burial of King at Sutton Hoo.
  • 869 -  Vikings defeat the East Anglians in battle and kill their king Edmund of East Anglia.
  • 879 -  Vikings settled permanently